I Got Sturdy Branches!

With these new items, I can craft newer, more exciting weapons!

New Quest Unlocked!

- Sturdy Branches are part of the Sloth Claw spear! If you manage to pick up 3 claws from one of the Steam Sloths in the area, and you have a Hedge Guard Amulet, you can craft a rustic, yet effective spear at the local workshop.
- Don't underestimate this simple hand weapon-- the Hedge Guard swear by it!

CutScene Jorn KindlewinkJorn Kindlewink
You got them? Great! I knew you were worthy all along... at least, once the fog cleared, I did. These branches make a great weapon, provided you have a nice, sharp claw to put on the end of it. There must be a Sloth Claw lying around here somewhere.

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