The Pelt Merchant Talked!

After extensive 'negotiations', the Pelt Merchant told me what I want to know. Now I just need some more information from the night watch...

New Objective Unlocked!

Defeat 15 Night Watch and 13 Night Owls.

Pelt Merchant LPelt Merchant
All right, all right... what’s the emergency?

You want to know about the Scarred Man? Well, I guess you can see he didn’t beat me up... I just wanted the town to think he did. Scarred Man’s got a reputation to keep up, what with workin’ for Zeruul and all.

He wanted to know about Black Jenner, the smoke crow. Old Jenner flew over here a few days ago with something that looked like a tree in his claws, and the Scarred Man wanted to get it back. There’s trouble a-brewin’ up in the northern marshes, and he’s riding right into the thick of it.

The Scarred Man is stronger than you and me... if you want to help him against Jenner, you’d best seek out Morrigan, the Mother of Crows. The Night Watch and Night Owls know more.

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