I Found Yorrick's Requietory!

This haunted castle is home to the evil King Yorrick and his undead minions.

New Quest Unlocked!

• Defeat 4 Roc Riders and 5 Shadow Knights.

You find Yorrick’s Requietory at the mouth of a tributary stream choked with vines and moss. Over the stone-walled city, twisted beasts circle in the air, ridden by black-cloaked figures.

Although the Requietory has strong walls, the gate itself is open. Inside the mouth of the gate, however, is a pale green, glowing curtain made up of trapped spirits. Philima approaches first, hoping to dispel the enchantment with a wave of her hand. No sooner does she touch the barrier than the spirits open their jaws, biting into her hand and trapping her there. Philima lets out a burst of purifying magic, hoping to dispel the curse, but the spirits will not let go so easily.
Meanwhile, up in the air, the guards have taken notice. You hear clanking, and the sound of screeching in the distance.

ArchMagePhilimaArchMage Philima
I can open a path for you in this barrier, but I need time! Keep me safe from the guards so I can get you in!

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