Enrick Has Been Poisoned!

Enrick is turning into an undead fiend! In order to find the cure, I need to travel to Ivory City and defeat Lt. Graves.

New Objective Unlocked!

  • - Travel to Ivory City.
  • - Talk to the Ivory Knights about defeating Lt. Graves.

You arrive at Ted's Farm to find Nancy May rushing to you with a terrified look on her face. Before she can speak, however, a loud, unearthly shriek erupts from an upstairs window. A dish flies out of the open window, nearly hitting you as it sails through the air.

You run toward the house, but Farmer Ted jumps between you and the door.

CutScene FarmerTedFarmer Ted
Enrick has taken a turn for the worse! Zeruul poisoned him with his sword. He's becoming... one of them! A zombie!

We can't let this happen to a guy like Enrick. He's our town hero! Nancy May and I are takin' him to Ecorae, to a healer.

Nancy did tell me about another cure, though... one that the old wives passed down for generations. They say that a potion made from the tooth of an Undead commander can return Enrick to normal. Farm folk like us couldn't take one of those guys down... but maybe you could.

Ivory City's just swarming with zombies and ghouls right now, all led by a guy called Lt. Graves. I say, you should try going there. Maybe the local rebels, the Ivory Knights would help you out.

It's a long shot, but we all have to pull together to help Enrick!

CutScene IvoryCity Travel to Ivory City

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