I've Learned the Origins of the Levyn Tree!

Ravoth has revealed to me the origins of the Levyn Tree! Join me in LevynLight as Ravoth and I fight the Shadows!

New Objective Unlocked!

Collect 40 Superior Levyn Sap from Shadows

After travelling across the snow-covered, barren wasteland of the south, you reach a waterfront. Ravoth, the Scarred Man, began to walk into the water despite its frigid temperatures. He waved you on and though you felt like you were being led by a mad man, you began treading the water with him. It's cold was almost unbearable and he told you to take a deep breath before diving under after the water was up to his chest. You followed suit and followed him under the water crest.

He swam deep and an underwater cave appeared before you both. His body disappeared into its darkness and with your lungs beginning to burn you paddled through with all your might. It dipped low before angling back up again. You pushed off the bottom of the tunnel and found yourself propelling towards a surface that glowed blue.

You broke the water to find Ravoth pulling himself out onto marble tiles that opened into a grand cavern. As soon as your body left the water, you were filled with the warm blue energy that seemed to permeate the area. You suck warm air into your lungs and turn to Ravoth in surprise.

Scarred Man LScarred Man
This is Vril. It is the place of my birth and where your forefathers came from. It is because of our blood that we can harness energy for our Seeker Stones. While I was still in my youth, I left Vril and travelled north. Some of my people came with me. We were always close to nature and we established what is now Ecorae.

As time passed, two other cities began to grow...Fontis Sapienta and New Feron. War began to break out between the factions and peace was no where to be found. In desperation, I and the other city leaders sought a means to bind together the lands. Philima of the Magic Faction and Zeruul of the Technology Faction entrusted me to find a solution.

I returned here so many ages ago and stole a seed of the Great Levyn Tree of Vril in the hopes that it would unite the torn Mythlands just as it united the Vrilya here. I returned to Zeruul and Philima with it. We each poured some of our essence into the seedling creating the first Levyn Tree beyond the caverns of Vril.

Ravoth's voice trails off and he grows silent as he stares off to the distant light across the cavern from which the energy and warmth seem to radiate. He shakes his head before turning to you again
Scarred Man LScarred Man
I will tell you more later, but now we must collect Superior Levyn Sap from the Shadows. The Vrilya are a most guarded race and we will need specific energy to seek them. I used to carry such energy on me, but Zeruul recently learned of the help I gave you in the Charred Lands. He sent his Children after me. They chased me through the Salt Mines and out to the Salt Flats before finally overtaking me and stealing the energy from me. We must retrieve it, but the gasses in the area have become too toxic without the stronger sap of the Levyn Tree of Vril. We will need to collect a fair amount if we're to survive the toxic gasses of the Salt Mines and the Salt Flats.

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