I'm The New Vice President of Explosions!

Cog Lord Kelend has asked me to oversee his tunnel blasting project! 3...2...1... KA-BOOM!

New Objective Unlocked!

- Start your 'research' by bombing 5 Goblin Electricians.

You bring the Demolitionist, and the new prototype bombs, to Cog Lord Kelend.
Cog Lord KelendCog Lord Kelend
You found him! And you brought bombs. . . I can tell that you're a Seeker after my own heart.

Remember that little tunnel I told you about? Well, it's more like an underground highway, and it goes right under the city wall. We need the proper explosives to break through the bedrock, or else we'll never get the supplies we need to keep building bots.

I can deal with distracting the undead, but I need someone to oversee the explosives. You've convinced me that you're right for the job.

CutScene Demolitionist LDemolitionist
You heard the man. We gotta test these babies on the local creep population. Each bomb is different.

Let's take 'em out and try 'em on some Goblin Electricians, Patchwork Men and Slightly Irritated Scientists, and we'll take whichever one works best to Kelend's Blast Site.

CutScene Prototype Bombs
You have received: 1 x Prototype Bombs

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