I Resolved A Mage Feud!

Thanks to me, the Starmages and Seeresses will fight for the rebellion. You can join the fight, too, by playing Levynlight!

New Objective Unlocked!

• Defeat 15 Antigorgons.

Starmage LStarmage
What? I thought I returned that heirloom weeks ago!
This was a silly feud. Philima needs us. Are we friends or ain't we?
Seeress RSeeress
Starmage LStarmage
Yes. I'm sorry.
Seeress LSeeress
Good. Now, young Seeker, I've had a message from the spirits about the Obsidian Guardian. Up in the tallest tower of the Palace o' Stairs, he sees all. In order to get in, we're going to need to find a master of concealment-- the Antigorgon.
Starmage LStarmage
Go and find us an Antigorgon, but don't look at it! It'll turn to stone if you do.

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