Thomas Is On The Naughty List!

Since it's my fault, I've agreed to help change the Santas' lists so Thomas can get some presents.

New Quest Unlocked!

• Collect 14 Naughty Lists from either Santa Greensleeves, Father Snow, or Techno-Clause.

CutScene Thomas L
Oh no! Not you again! You’re the Seeker that caught me running away to the troll camp. Because of you, I’m on the naughty list for all three Santas, and I won’t get any gifts this year.

I’m so sad not to be getting any presents... and I’m really sorry for what I did. Would you help me redeem myself? Please?

You will? Okay, here’s the plan. I need you to grab all of the naughty lists from the three santas when they’re not looking, and scratch out my name.

What? You already said you wanted to help. No take-backsies.

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