Pigmy Dragons?

Next, thing you know, I'll be fighting little blue guys that fly around on insects! Wait...

New Quest Unlocked!

- Defeat the Pigmy Dragon 13 times!

You walk towards the Mangled Forest only to find that the Mangled Forest is no longer. Instead, the land has been razed of its beautiful trees and only stumps remain of the once dense foliage. Nothing is familiar anymore and, ironically, you're more lost now than when you first travelled through the trees over two hundred years ago.

In the center of the cleared land stands a tall, circular structure. The faint sounds of shouts, screams, and crashing metal drift to your ears. You walk towards it in hope of finding a guide.

It is only until the great wooden beams, haphazardly slung together, stand in front of you that you begin to reconsider your decision. Goblins already are approaching you, though, and now it's too late to turn back. A couple grab you by your arms and growl at you as another Goblin, with quite the regal bearing, strolls towards you in a leisurely fashion.

Goblin Aristocrat LGoblin Aristocrat
Who is you? Ugly Troll? Baby Giant? Why do you comes here? Volunteer of fight?
You explain to the small Goblin that you're just looking to pass through and were hoping that someone here could give you directions.
Goblin Aristocrat LGoblin Aristocrat
No! No ones is permission to pass until ones fight! This be a toll! No not special!
The Goblins holding your arms drag you to the middle of their arena and throw you in where a dragon waits expectantly, a hungry look on its face.

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