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Strong but dimwitted, these lumbering brutes were long ago designed and built in the city of New Feron for doing manual labour.

They have since replaced with a smarter, stronger, cheaper labour-bot and now wander the lands looking to be of service anywhere they can.

Location(s): Forest Hideout

First Appearance: Chapter 1

Attack Power: 9

Defense Power: 1

Family Type: Construct

Critical Chance: 1%


  • 20% chance of Confusion (-2 Attack)
  • Thugbot is confused.
  • 21% chance of Ground n Pound (+3 Attack)
  • Thugbot pounds the ground with enormous strength knocking boulders, trees, and you flying.
  • 90% chance of Flailing Arms (+10 Defense vs. Strong, Precise)
  • Thugbot flails its arms at you, in a mad frenzy of attack!

Loot: Bandit King Energy small Bandit King EnergyThugbot Glove small Thugbot Glove
Gold: Gold Icon 5 - 9

Energy Preference: None

Badge Bronze 1 Badge Silver 10 Badge Gold 100 Badge Platinum 1000

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