Tokoloshe Companion

These mischievous little creatures come from "down under" and are loyal to their Seeker. They chomp on unsuspecting foes and drain their energy.

Watch out for those razor teeth when they get hungry!

*NOTE: The Tokoloshe requires three Seeker friends!*

Location(s): Aznor's Clearing

Type: Support

Critical Chance: 8%


  • 90% chance of Razor Sharp (+6 Defense)
  • Attacking quickly, Tokoloshe drains energy from your enemy!
  • 80% chance of Sapper (+8 Attack)
  • Tokoloshe pierces your enemy's kinetic barrier!

Required Level: 25

Sell Value: Unsaleable

Obtained By: Purchasing from Caravan Bazaar workshop during Aznor's Third Visit for:

Alternative Version(s): Tokoloshe small Tokoloshe (character)

Notes: For more info on origins of the term Tokoloshe, see the original character..

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