The Chapter 12 Quest Series Tomorrow's News is comprised of:

The Edge of GreenEdit

What's the Scoop?Edit

  • Chase down 11 Scoopers to find out what's happening now!

The Seeker ScoopEdit

The Search for the LevynEdit


Below is a summary of best weapons used when facing enemies during this quest series. Note that Wise Nayavi is not shown as the best weapon because of it's limited use, while Cyclone Sword and Pinata Bat are seasonal weapons and cannot be currently obtained.

For more information, see the complete Chapter 12 summary table.

Character Family Type Enemy Class Best Weapon Other Weapons
Goblin Refugee small Goblin Refugee Beast Tough CutScene Piñata Bat Piñata Bat Epic Lightning Lute Small Epic Bone Saw Small
Scooper small Scooper Humanoid Fast Peacemaker's Sceptre Small Peacemaker's Sceptre Purple Nayavi small Cyclone Sword Small
Boticidists small Boticidists Humanoid Tough Cyclone Sword Small Cyclone Sword Purple Nayavi small CutScene Piñata Bat
Grass Grembling small Grass Grembling Beast Fast CutScene Piñata Bat Piñata Bat Epic Lightning Lute Small Peacemaker's Sceptre Small

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