I Might Strike it Rich!

I was recruited by a Mine Foreman to harvest minerals in the East Core Quarry!

New Quest Unlocked!

• Travel to the East Core Quarry.

• Buy the Pickaxe from the East Core Quarry equipment shop.

• Buy 10 Mining Energy from the East Core Quarry energy shop.

Mine ForemanMine Foreman
I found you! I ran all the way over here from the East Core Quarry when I heard there was a Seeker in Ivory City. I would appreciate the opportunity to teach you a little about mining. I think you'd be quite exceptional with those wicked seeking skills of yours, and it would be an honor to see you at work!

Come on over to the quarry and buy a pickaxe from the Equipment Shop to mine for ore. Ore is a resource that is used to construct high quality equipment. Only Mining equipment can be used to mine ore.

East Core Quarry
You may now travel to East Core Quarry

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