Toxic Gasses!

I tried to travel through the Salt Mines, but the toxic gasses were almost more than I could bear! Help me find the Scarred Man for Levyn Sap!

New Objective Unlocked!

- See Levyn Sap Side Quest for Levyn Sap or continue on your own through The Salt Mines.

You were in The Salt Mines, but the toxic gasses that fill the caverns made it too difficult to breathe. You ran back to Esert Village where the air is clean.
CutScene Aznor LAznor
I thought this might happen. The Salt Mines used to be filled with miners hoping to make a profit from Ionized Salt. Unfortunately, one miner dug a little too deep and hit a gas pocket that has contaminated the entire area. You can still make it through, but you'll spend half your time traveling back and forth between Esert Village and The Salt Mines for air.

Levyn Sap is the only known antidote for the gasses, but I only have enough for myself. I did see a scarred man in a green cloak that had a few vials tied at his waist earlier today, though. He might be able to help you with the Sap. If not, you can always brave The Salt Mines on your own.

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