I'm Training with the Forest Rangers!

Peron Rihn wants me to help him overthrow the evil King Yorrick! But first, I have to prove myself by training with his Forest Rangers.

New Objective Unlocked!

CutScene PeronRihnPeron Rihn
So, the ambitious new Seeker has managed to find our hideout...
I told you this Seeker had promise, Lord Rihn.
CutScene CaptainGlorinCaptain Glorin
CutScene PeronRihnPeron Rihn
Yes, indeed, but it will take more than promise to enact our plan.

You defeated Lt. Graves, young Seeker, but his commander, King Yorrick, lives on. Yorrick's undead pursued Glorin all the way here, and he only narrowly escaped. Yorrick is one of Zeruul's most trusted allies. Glorin and I have hatched a bold plan to take him down, and we need your help.

But first, you need to become familiar with the fighting style of the Rangers. Use Woodsman Energy and the Ranger's Bow to defeat 10 Elven Foresters and 10 Raccoon Assassins, and I'll tell you more.

CutScene RangersBow You have received: 1 x Ranger's Bow

CutScene WoodsmanEnergy You have received: 1 x Woodsman Energy.

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