The Mayor's Son has Gone Feral!

I found the Mayor's son in the Troll Pit, but he won't leave! Maybe he'll come to his senses if I can find something the trolls like better than him.

New Quest Unlocked!

• Defeat Germite Crabs to collect 10 Plush Bunnies from the garbage in the Troll Pit

Thomas is not hard to find once you reach the Troll Pit. In fact, he is making more noise than the rowdiest of the Trolls.
CutScene Thomas L
GRRRRARRRR! What do you want? Can’t you see I’m a Troll now?

I'm sick of the Undead pushing us around all the time. I want to be a manly man, and live free, like these guys! I know Dad is worried, but I can’t just leave my buds, right, Bort?

Deherrrrrrr... we love cute squishy human thing! Great for playing catch!
CutScene Bort R
CutScene Thomas L
See? They’d never desert me for anything!
CutScene Bort LBort
Well... maybe we give human for 10 Plush Bunnies. Bunnies even smaller, and squishier!

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