Ghouls Everywhere!

I tracked down all of the informants in Ivory City, but it was too late! Ghoul Enforcers have the hideout surrounded.

New Objective Unlocked!

  • - Help defend the hideout from Undead for 1 hour.
  • - Collect Grave Energy to use for a later encounter

CutScene CaptainGlorin LCaptain Glorin
You tracked down quite a few of the informants, but there are still more out there. Hopefully, we’ve managed to intimidate the others into staying silent.
O-o-pen up, in the name of the Zeruuuuuuuul...
CutScene GhoulEnforcer RGhoul Enforcer
You peek out of a shaded window to see a horde of foul smelling figures, wrapped in burlap sacks and linen bandages. They brandish nasty looking clubs and howl to each other in the language of the dead.
Graves has found us! Get ready to fight...
CutScene CaptainGlorinCaptain Glorin

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