Grave Blazers Are Swarming Fontis Sapienta!

The Obsidian Guardian is sending his lackies out to quell the unrest in Fontis Sapienta! I'll need to thin out their ranks a bit to make way for the rebellion!

New Objective Unlocked!

• Defeat 15 Grave Blazers and 12 Underworld Spirits.

With the Khlorri purified, Philima emerges from her hideout to meet her old friends. They gather around her, hooting affectionately.
PhilimaArchmage Philima
Oh, my Khlorri... how I've missed you!
The Khlorri stand bolt upright, and let out a chorus of warning honks. A legion of fiery spirits pour out of an alley nearby, attacking the Khlorri's legs.
PhilimaArchmage Philima
It's the Obsidian Guardian's fiends, come to retake the Khlorri! We have to push them back!
Citrine Heart
You hand over: Citrine Heart x 1.

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