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Rumors of this fabled land fill the most ancient of tomes in Fontis Sapienta. The last person said to have ventured to Vril was Ravoth, former leader of the Nature Faction in Ecorae. The arcane knowledge he learned was what inspired the creation of the Levyn with his fellow faction leaders, Philima of the Magic Faction in Fontis Sapienta and Zeruul of the Technology Faction in New Feron, in order to bind the Mythlands in unity. Their grand ideas of harnessing such ancient power had its consequences.


Character Family Type Enemy Class Attack Defense Quest Required? Loot
Crevasse Icewing small Crevasse Icewing Beast Fast 52 22 - Icewing Hair
Vrilya Guardian small Vrilya Guardian Construct Tough 54 172 - Sibylline Orb of Summoning
Vrilya Chosen small Vrilya Chosen Humanoid Warded 59 220 - None.
Shubb'Ngohlth small Shubb'Ngohlth Beast Tough 60 25 - Shubby Blood Drop
Guardian Spirit small Guardian Spirit (R) Humanoid - 60 30 - Chosen Energy, Superior Levyn Sap
Deep Hydrosaur small Deep Hydrosaur Beast Warded 73 12 - Hydrosaur Tooth
Shadow small Shadow Dark - 74 23 Yes Superior Levyn Sap
Vrilya Cardinal small Vrilya Cardinal Construct Fast 76 164 - Sibylline Orb of Life
Vrilya Shaman small Vrilya Shaman Humanoid Tough 100 175 - Sibylline Orb of Binding
Vrilya Scholar small Vrilya Scholar Humanoid Fast 135 162 - Sibylline Orb of Magic
Vrilya Elder small Vrilya Elder Humanoid Tough 142 59 - Sibylline Orb of Technology

Seeking strategyEdit

Many characters in this area are resistant to Fire, Shock and Arcane Weapons. Seekers are advised to use either Ice weapons or their strongest weapons without power types (e.g. Epic Bone Saw, Viper Crossbow). When facing different Vrilya characters, it is important to use the right types of Nayavi. Each weapon is specially designed to be effective against one type of Vrilya. You can find more detailed information on Facing the Vrilya quest series page.

Seekers aiming for the Vrilya Chosen title should consider getting their total Defense to 59 or higher, by bringing down Vrilya Chosen attack to 0. Items with high defense such as Dwarven Armor or premium Leviathan Hide, Dragon Shield are recommended. Seekers without premium items should consider friend with Expert Vrilya Avatars, which can contribute a maximum of 24 defense. Potions with high defense value can help. Reason behind this is that when both Seekers and enemy characters roll same attack value, Seekers will always win (100% win rate when enemies have 0 attack value). Any Strong weapon is suffice for this strategy as other weapon class will trigger Vrilya Chosen's Ancient Traits (+100 Attack vs Precise, Enchanted), increasing his maximum attack, making this strategy fails (Sublime Vajra not recommended here).


Superior Levyn Sap small



Green Nayavi smallWhispering Nayavi Green Nayavi smallAdept Nayavi Purple Nayavi smallWise Nayavi Red Nayavi smallMysterious Nayavi
Purple Nayavi smallBinding Nayavi Green Nayavi smallSummoning Nayavi Grey Nayavi smallLiving Nayavi Chosen Energy smallChosen Energy

Side QuestsEdit

The following Side Quests are available in Vril:

Chapter 9: The Vrilya Chosen ChallengeEdit

Available after completing the Challenging the Chosen main quest.


  • The terms Vril and Vrilya may be references to the novel Vril: The Power of the Coming Race about an advanced secret society of Vril-ya living in subterranean caverns.
  • The Vril shop is called Skaldi's Storehouse. This may be a reference to Skadi (Skaði) , a goddess in Norse mythology associated with winter. [1]

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