Vrilya Shaman

The Shamans guard the ancient knowledge of healing and imbuing energy in the city of Vril. It is through their skills that the symbiotic relationship between the machine and humanoid faces of Vril are maintained in careful balance.

Location(s): Vril

First Appearance: Chapter 9

Attack Power: 100

Defense Power: 175

Family Type: Humanoid
Enemy Class: Tough

Critical Chance: 1%


  • Icy Breath (-100 Defense vs Ice)
  • The Vrilya Shaman's defenses are crushed under a weapon of Vril.
  • Reserve Strength (+100 Attack vs Precise, Enchanted)
  • The Vrilya Shaman is a force to be reckoned with.
  • 40% chance of Healing Power (+15 Defense)
  • The Vrilya Shaman regenerates his defenses.

Loot: Sibylline Orb of Binding Sibylline Orb of Binding
Gold: Gold Icon 143 - 180

Energy Preference: Shaman Energy

Badge Bronze 1 Badge Silver 10 Badge Gold 100 Badge Platinum 250

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