I'm Lost In The Marshes!

After hours in the Citrine Heart Grotto, I've been walking in circles! A hermit told me that the only way to get going the right way is to defeat the fearsome Crystal Horn.

New Objective Unlocked!

• Defeat the Crystal Horn 15 times to find the enchanted path.

You reach the Grotto at twilight, as the tide pools glow in a rainbow of color. The undergrowth is dense, and in the growing dark, you soon become lost.

Then, beyond a bright orange pond, you spot a small hut. An old Sage greets you from the door.

Hermit Sage LHermit Sage
Hello, weary travelers! I take it you are lost?
We seek the Citrine Heart Vine, by the order of Archmage Philima.
Hermit Sage LHermit Sage
You'd be better off lost.

The Citrine Heart Vine lives at the center of the Grotto, beneath a dome of spider's silk that is hard as rock.

Only one path leads to the Vine, and it's guarded by unnatural beasts, created by the Vine's magic. The first beast is the mighty Crystal Horn, who guards the entrance to the path. Defeat the Horn, and you're on your way.

Just don't haunt me when you become a ghost. I'm too old for that.

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