I Defeated The Skeleton King!

Because of me, the cities under his control can now live in peace and freedom.

New Quest Unlocked!

• Travel to Esert Village

The Peacemaker’s Staff glows brighter in your hands as you fight to avenge Enrick’s death and save your friends. The light grows stronger and stronger, until Yorrick’s body begins to flake away beneath it.

You attack him over and over, until finally, his body breaks into dust, which swirls in a spiral before you. Inside the dust, you see the radiant spirit of a middle-aged man-- the younger version of Yorrick.

KingYorrickKing Yorrick
You have finally freed me! I have been trapped under this curse for hundreds of years, tricked by the Dream Lords into believing that I would have true immortality by becoming a lich King.

Oh, how I have longed for freedom... for death. With the curse lifted, my allies will finally rest, and be at peace. Take my family staff, the Peacekeeper's Sceptre, and seek out justice for all I have wronged.

Yorrick’s spirit fades away into an outline, then nothing. His rusting crown, and the pommel of his crumbling sword, fall onto the pile of dust that was once his body.

You have defeated Yorrick, the Skeleton King! Travel to Esert Village to let them know of Enrick.

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