Location banner Yorrick's Requietory

Whether by night or by day, a pall of dark enchantment hangs over Yorrick's Requietory. Slow, shambling footsteps crunch through the dead leaves, just out of sight, and disembodied voices whisper out from an old mossy well in the square. The legendary King Yorrick rules here, along with his legions of loyal undead. Yorrick’s hideaway is the center of the oppression and unrest that has been plaguing this area. Cleanse the Requietory, and cleanse the land.


Energy Preference
Energy Location
Weak against
Grave Blazer small Grave Blazer Dark 43 22 - Requietory small Requietory - - -
Underworld Spirit small Underworld Spirit Dark 48 18 - Requietory small Requietory - - -
Shadow Knight small Shadow Knight Dark 65 17 Yes Requietory small Requietory - - -
Roc Rider small Roc Rider Dark 65 17 Yes Requietory small Requietory - - -
Dust Moth small Dust Moth (R) Beast 70 25 Yes Galactic Goo Small Galactic Goo
Requietory small Requietory
- - -
Black Asardi small Black Asardi Beast 71 25 Yes - Silk Energy small Silk Energy CutScene Citrine Heart Grotto Citrine Heart Grotto (loot) Precise
Hollow Champion small Hollow Champion Dark 72 20 Yes - CutScene WoodsmanEnergy Woodsman Energy CutScene Ecorae Ecorae (shop) Strong
Monstrous Fossil small Monstrous Fossil Dark 72 21 Yes - Arcane Energy small Arcane Energy CutScene FontisSapienta Fontis Sapienta (loot) Precise
Fathom Pixie small Fathom Pixie Humanoid 73 25 Yes - Whistle Energy small Whistle Energy CutScene Hammer Falls Hammer Falls (shop) Strong
Topaz Helbander small Topaz Helbander Beast 74 19 Yes - U-bot Energy Small U-Bot Energy CutScene Sinkbot City Sinkbot City (loot) Enchanted
Magma Fairy small Magma Fairy Dark 75 24 Yes - Mist Energy small Mist Energy CutScene HedgeValley Hedge Valley (loot) Enchanted
Skeleton King small Skeleton King Dark 99 23 Yes - Requietory small Requietory CutScene Yorrick's Requietory Yorrick's Requietory (loot) (Non-shock) Enchanted

Seeking StrategyEdit

See also: The Six Guardians (Quest Series).

Before facing The Six Guardians, one should consider completing the different side quests unlocked after completing The Spirit Wall. The side quests provide extra; Silk, U-Bot, Arcane and Whistle energies; powerful support items (Font of Wisdom, Lucky Rabbit); and other resources.

When facing The Six Guardians, it's crucial to wisely choose a weapon (and support). Epic Bone Saw (Strong), Epic Lightning Lute (Enchanted) and Mighty Energy Bow (Precise) are the best non-premium options available at this point. Upgrading these weapons in Master's Forge can also be helpful.

When facing the Skeleton King, it is recommended to use Peacemaker's Sceptre, upgraded to at least mastery lvl 4, or a premium enchanted, non shock weapon and Font of Wisdom as support. The same setup (with Basic Energy) can be used to collect Requietory.

Seekers aiming for the Paladin title should consider getting the Optimeter (end of chapter 10) before engaging more Magma Fairies and Skeleton King. Using the Optimeter will provide 100% win rate against any of the dark characters in Yorrick's Requietory, regardless of their +5000 defense vs the wrong weapon class. However, using the optimeter will make it nearly impossible to catch the Dust Moth.

Note that Mist, Silk and Arcane energies are used again in later chapters.

Dust Moth is a rare character and can only be encountered after completion of Chapter 8.


Galactic Goo Small



Side QuestsEdit

The following Side Quests are available in Yorrick's Requietory.

Chapter 8: Paladin Order ChallengeEdit

Available after completing Enrick's Secret main quest.

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