I Found A Working Bomb!

I tested another set of bombs, and this one worked! We're ready to blast a tunnel into New Feron!

New Objective Unlocked!

- Defeat 10 Blackened Beasts.

This time, the bomb goes off with a vengeance, spraying dirt and debris everywhere, and causing a wave of heat to ripple out from the explosion.

There's not much left of the Patchwork Man you lobbed the bomb at... just a shred of burning fabric and a few toes resting on a third-floor windowsill.

CutScene Demolitionist LDemolitionist
You're slightly charred. That's a good sign. Let's get this batch to the Blast Site outside the city. We'll need to pass a checkpoint before leaving, and I warn you, there may be trouble.

When we get outside the city, look out for Zeruul's cultists. Rumor has it that a band of them has tracked you here. They're a persistent bunch, and they may follow you from town to town.

When you reach the gates, the walls are crawling with Blackened Beasts, who are sniffing out any suspicious items on frightened travelers. One of them reaches your party and growls, bringing a swarm of others.
CutScene Demolitionist LDemolitionist
Time to gear up for a fight! Knock 'em down, then run for it!
CutScene Prototype Bombs
You hand over: 1 x Prototype Bombs

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