Location banner Zeruul's Castle

Environmental Requirements

  • Shadow Compass thumb

This old castle was once beautiful and grand, filled with vibrant stained glass, tall buttresses, and amazing murals. Since Zeruul's Shadow took up residence however, it has become a home for all things evil, dark, and of shadow. Giant monsters roam the hallways and surrounding lands, killing all who dare trespass. They feed on fear, hatred, and despair. Inside lives Zeruul, ruling and destroying the land just as he is ruled and destroyed by his Shadow. If any humanity still exists in this place, it will not live much longer. Zeruul's Shadow will drown and suffocate it in darkness.


Character Family Type Attack Defense Quest Required? Loot Energy Preference Energy Location
Zeruul2 small Zeruul Companion Variable Variable Yes - Illusion Energy Ivory Spires of Bont (loot)
Blade of Zeruul small Blade of Zeruul Humanoid Variable Variable - Bottled Shadow - -
Eye of Zeruul small Eye of Zeruul Beast Variable Variable - Bottled Shadow - -
Shield of Zeruul small Shield of Zeruul Construct Variable Variable - Bottled Shadow - -
Will of Zeruul small Will of Zeruul Dark Variable Variable - Bottled Shadow - -
Dream Snatcher small Dream Snatcher (R) Dark 140 123 Yes Bottled Shadow, Superior Energy - -
Shadow Bull small Shadow Bull Dark 227 155 - Green Emerald Woodsman Energy Ecorae (shop)
Shadow Eel small Shadow Eel Dark 233 150 - Yellow Citrine Mining Energy East Core Quarry (shop)
Shadow Gargoyle small Shadow Gargoyle Dark 246 145 - Red Ruby Crow Energy Jenner's Nest, Treeline Keep (loot)
Shadow Spider small Shadow Spider Dark 258 140 - Blue Sapphire Silk Energy Citrine Heart Grotto (loot)
Zeruul small Zeruul Dark 286 160 Yes - Illusion Energy Ivory Spires of Bont (loot)
Master Shadow small Master Shadow* Dark 300 175 Yes - - -

*Can only be attracted during the related quest.

Seeking strategyEdit

See Zeruul's Shadow quest series for quest-related info & strategy.

It is highly recommended to use Optimeter (or premium Solstice Sword) along with Shadow Compass when facing the dark characters in this location. Shadow Breastplate should be used when facing Zeruul and Master Shadow, along with Bottled Shadow (or another powerful potion), since both are extremely powerful. Friends with Vrilya Avatars will also help (+3 defense bonus per friend, a max of 9 defense - not to be neglected).

Once unlocked, Master Shadow can be encountered with Basic Energy. Before that, Basic Energy will only attract Children of Zeruul (which drop Bottled Shadow potions).

Important note: After defeating the first version of Zeruul, don't forget to change your weapon! Optimeter only works against dark characters, and Zeruul (Human Form) has a Companion Family Type.


Mostly concentrates on regular (not premium or seasonal) items available up to Chapter 10.

Best Equipment
Weapon Solstice Sword small Solstice Sword Optimeter Small Optimeter
Armor Shadow Breastplate Small Shadow Breastplate Vrilya Robes thumb Vrilya Robes
Support Shadow Compass thumb Shadow Compass -
Potion Bottled Shadow Small Bottled Shadow -


Bottled Shadow Small



Side QuestsEdit

The following Side Quests are available in Zeruul's Castle:

Chapter 11: Storm of ShadowsEdit

Available after completing The Master Shadow main quest.

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