I Defeated The Fogbelly!

I defeated the Fogbelly, freeing Hedge Valley from its clouds of noxious mist! Unfortunately, Zeruul had another attack up his sleeve, as well.

New Objective Unlocked!

-Travel to Ecorae to warn Peron about the attacks on the forest.

The Fogbelly collapses into a pile of jelly and translucent skin. With a wet squeal, the fog trapped inside of it jets up into the air, then dissipates.
Fumarole small
You have received: 1 x Fumarole
CutScene Levyn LLevyn
Well, that’s the end of the Fogbelly. . . wait, what’s that?
The underbrush is mowed down by a vast crowd of Auto Choppas, accompanied by Goblins and other fearsome creatures.
CutScene GoblinCaptainGoblin Captain
Spread out! Chop down forest! Find funny flying tree!
You and the Levyn tiptoe back into the underbrush, trying to make a clean break from the Auto-Choppas, but you soon find yourself face to face with another line of machines that has crept up behind you!

Just then, a stampede of spiny fury breaks through the bushes, smashing several Auto-Choppas on the way through. Jorn and his Hedge Guard have arrived!

CutScene JornKindleWink LJorn Kindlewink
Get out of here! Warn Peron! Quickly!

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