I Thought I Was Done With The Dead Waters!

But, no! I have to return and collect Dead Water Drops for the ultimate weapon. I almost have all I need! Just a little further!!!

New Quest Unlocked!

- Return to Dead Waters with Ravoth!

You wrestle away the Illusionist's Wand from Ziggy, but before you can say anything more to him, he runs from the room and out of sight. It is uncertain if you'll see him again, but he'll undoubtedly prove a far less threat without his wand to aid his errant magic!
Scarred Man LScarred Man
That man has potential for great magic if he can only harness it. This wand must be what the Scroll of Truth was speaking about. The next ingredient is "liquid souls." That must be the Dead Water Drops. We'll have to return to the Dead Waters to collect them.

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