Ziggy Is a Hack Job!

Ziggy is a poser and he's out to get me! I have to get his wand if I'm going to get through this!

New Quest Unlocked!

- Defeat Ziggy until you get the Illusionist's Wand!

You finally find yourself in what appears to be a workroom. In front of you stands a tall, lean man with a wand in his hand. He has a confused look on his face as he stares down at a scroll. You must have stepped louder than you thought, for he quickly turned around and plasters a fake smile on his face.
Ziggy LZiggy
Why, hello! Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Ziggy, the Illusionist! I haven't seen another person here in ages! You must be tired from your journey. Allow me to make a place for you to rest.
As Ziggy reaches out his hand, his wand flares to life and he quickly shoots a bolt in Ravoth's direction.
Why do you attack us?! We are not here to harm you!
Scarred Man RScarred Man
Ziggy LZiggy
I will not let you ruin this land! We want neither your Shadow nor your Light! As long as you're here, everything is at risk! I must destroy you before you ruin it all!
Ravoth tries to reason with him, but Ziggy will not hear of it. He is blinded by a hysterical sense of self preservation and he will not stop attacking. In order to save yourself, you must wrestle the wand from his grip!

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