Zombies everywhere!! Zeruul has unleashed necromancers to raise undead minions and end existence as we know it! I must assist Captain Glorin in containing the outbreak before it's too late!

New Objective Unlocked!


- As incentive to potential zombie bashers, the Ivory City store is offering to craft special equipment for Seekers who can bring in enough proof that they've killed a lot of zombies.

- Collect 12 Zombie Teeth, 7 Grubs, 9 Raven Feather and 14 Toenails from any of the Ghoul Enforcers, Degenerate Zombies, Fast Zombies or Bombies you find, and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

This unthinkable disaster is happening for a limited time only, so don't miss it!

CutScene Captain Glorin LCaptain Glorin
Seekers, ready your weapons! To bolster King Yorrick's forces, Zeruul has sent out teams of necromancers to graveyards across the land, raising zombies to ravage our cities and, dare I say it... EAT OUR BRAINS!

Zombies are swarming over the walls of Ivory City! They're shambling through our villages. They're making more zombies left and right! THEY HAVE INFESTED ALL THE LAND! We need you to join the fight, and help us thin out the undead menace!

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